Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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Welcome to the Utah NRA 'Women on Target' Group website.

Our goal is to provide quality training with a focus on safety. We want you to be comfortable and have the best experience possible. Classes are fun, informative and custom taliored to your experience level. If you are an experienced shooter, a beginner or even afraid to touch a firearm, we have a course for you.

Have people in your life tried to show you 'how to shoot', only to end up making sure you never wanted to touch a gun ever again? Then this is the perfect place to get back in the saddle. No husbands, boyfriends or other ego driven detractors are allowed in our classes!

This group emphasizes PISTOL instruction but we do offer classes for Rifle & Shotgun.

Do you need gear? A holster? Click on LINKS, above, to search for gear.

***This group is sponsored by TIBA LLC. We teach official NRA courses (along with our own proprietary courses), we are not sponsored by the NRA or the Winchester Marksmanship program in any official way. We do not require NRA membership for participation. If you have questions just contact us.***

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